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Standard cleaning rates

Our rates are based on the size of the house, the total amount of rooms we clean and how often we will clean. Bi-Weekly cleaning is recommended for all home cleaning needs.  

*We ask for double your rate on the first cleaning because we deep clean your home to prepare for regular maintenance.   

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Born to be Cleaners may add up to 20% for homes with the following:

Pets with excessive fur
-Children with excessive toys
-Excessive furniture
-Excessive home decorations and knick knacks
-Excessive clutter and messiness
-Homes with cleaning needs beyond general cleaning

$99 minimum for any weekly home cleaning service
$119 minimum for any bi-weekly home cleaning service $149 minimum for any monthly home cleaning service
$199 minimum for any one time deep cleaning service

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Discounts We Offer!

Born to be Cleaners is proud to offer 10% discounts to Seniors, Veterans, Police, Fire, EMT or to any other emergency workers.





It's your time to relax! 

We offer 5%  OFF to cash paying customers